Where to find Game of Thrones on your StreamSmart TV box

Simple Trick to View Game of Thrones Season 6 Free Online with Kodi & XBMC. Season 6 of Game of Thrones is quickly approaching and the fight for the Seven Kingdoms is getting heated up as we impatiently discover the fate of Jon Snow and many other precious characters of this incredible series gave us by HBO and the clever, sadistic mind of George R.R Martin's best-selling book series "A Tune of Ice and Fire".

The expectancy proceeding the brand-new season of Game of Thrones has been huge as HBO and its manufacturers have gradually and methodically stoked the fires in fans souls to discover if Jon Snow is indeed dead or if he has joined the ranks of the undead army to take revenge on his killers. Every frame of every sneak peak and trailer has been dissected by every fan child out there and evaluated throughly in countless blogs.

How Do I See Season 6 Game of Thrones Free Online

Follow these basic tricks to watch Season 6 Game of Thrones complimentary online without the requirement of an HBO membership or cable television. Make certain you have Kodi or XBMC set up on the device you wish to view Game of Thrones on. Follow one of our simple Kodi & XBMC setup guides for Windows, OSX, iOS & Android.
Where can I stream Game of Thrones Live totally free?

If you wish to stream Game of Thrones live for free with Kodi & XBMC, you'll want to set up the great add-on Phoenix. Phoenix has some awesome live streams including HBO. These aren't 100% reputable, but none of the add-ons ever are. Especially the free ones. But Phoenix tends to be incredibly dependable and outstanding quality. A guaranteed Go-To add on for the best live streaming. Easy guidelines for streaming game of thrones season 6.

Offer it a minute to install then go to Programs, then Add-on Installer and choose Featured Addons

This now offers you access to set up any of the add-ons you see here including 1Channel & Phoenix. Install 1Channel and Phoenix.
To utilize the Add-Ons go to Video, then Add-Ons.

Find HD Streams Game of Thrones Season 6 on 1Channel
Release 1 Channel from Video, then Add-ons and click TV Reveals. Go down to Many Popular, once the screen loads you'll see Game of Thrones in the number 3 area. Select it and you'll be revealed all of the seasons. On April 24th Season 6 will Episode 1 will exist.

Stream Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere on Phoenix
Open Phoenix and click Phoenix TV then TELEVISION Shows and scroll down to Game of Thrones. View Game of Thrones Season 6 complimentary online with streaming all day.
See Game of Thrones Season 6 Episodes on 1Channel & Exodus.


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