How to watch MLB Live

Question: How do I watch MLB live with StreamSmart? With the end of the season approaching and the playoffs around the corner, this is a common question we get at StreamSmart support. You may be new to StreamSmart, and need more insight into how it works. You may have considered cutting your cable TV cord and want to buy a StreamSmart S4 or S5, but still have a few questions, specifically, can you watch MLB live on StreamSmart? What are the sports addons that carry the MLB streams?

This is an easy question to answer, but first, let’s look at your options. While baseball is very popular, we are well aware that MLB was many restrictions holding fans back from catching their favorite teams. That is really why you are here looking for the answer, right? Right! There could be a lot of reasons you are seeking an alternative to cable or satellite. Maybe you lack a subscription to cable TV, or maybe you don’t want to spend a lot of time in a local sports bar; or maybe there is something else preventing you from taking in some MLB action.

We’re hoping this will help you solve the riddle. We’ve put together this simple guide on how to catch all of the Major League Baseball games on tap over the next several months. Get ready to grab your glove and your favorite team’s hat, because I’m going to show you how to cut your cable with ease and stream your MLB games as the season ends and the playoffs begin.

Is there a perfect MLB streaming season?

I’ve been watching streaming MLB games for awhile now, and they have all been full coverage. I quit my cable and just kept internet and have been very happy. The only way to guarantee a perfect season is to pay $20/$25 per month or $110/$130 annually… really? I’ve been without cable since last October and have saved a ton of money with my StreamSmart without feeling like I’m missing out on anything. I’m a huge Yankees fan and never miss a game. To be honest with you, you will NEVER watch so many Movies and TV Shows in your lifetime! This box is worth more than the asking price – way more. The StreamSmart boxes are always supported and updated. I do work for the company and I’m a customer of the StreamSmart box.

Here is one way to find MLB live games

If you are looking for an easy way to find games on your StreamSmart device, just use the Favorite button and check out the Sports we pre-install on your box for you.

Sometimes it will be under baseball, sometimes just the games listed, and sometimes it will say MLB and then list the games on next screen. For the 2015 season MLB TV only broadcasts a small sample of the games. A couple per day is usual on most days. I’ve not missed one MLB TV game of the Yankees’ season that has been broadcast. I don’t have just one place to find the games. I use several addons to find my games.

A list of Sports Addons to explore on your StreamSmart

Here are some addons to try for live streaming sports: HQ Zone, Sports Access, Sports Devil. We will be adding more in the future, so stay tuned! Watch this video about one of our favorite Channel Providers…

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