How do i add Classic Arcade Games on my StreamSmart

Want to have classic Arcade games on your StreamSmart?

This is for VERY ADVANCED users!!!  This is NOT supported by StreamSmart and we do not troubleshoot on this topic, but here are the steps to get you started.  Note: (You will need to research and find the games & emulators on your own as this is not supported not condoned)...

* Props to Henson for the detailed description and "How To Instructions listed below"...

1) Connect your wireless gaming remote (controller that uses a USB dongle is recommended)

2) Download the emulators from the play store

3) Download the ROM's that you legally own or have purchased the rights to. You need to use the ROMS for the gaming system emulator you downloaded then load them on a SD card. (This is the part you will need to research on your own) If you own the game you can download the ROM. If not this may be a violation of the law.

4) Insert the SD card into your StreamSmart.

5) Open the emulator app and configure your controller to the app

6) Choose the folder where you saved your ROM's and choose a game. By choosing a game right away, the app will default to that folder when opening the emulator.

7) Back out of the game.

8 ) Go into your emulator settings and configure your controller buttons mappings to the app
You're Done...

* Note: Anytime you do a factory reset or firmware update, you'll need to reconfigure again.
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