How do I add or install an Addon?

How do I add or install an Addon?

Such as Disney JR, Icefilms, Vodlocker and hundreds more...

Looking for addons like Icefilms, istream,, and vodlocker?  We have too many addons to have them all pre installed but we have hundreds  available for you to install with ease as you need. Just follow the steps below.

Go into your video addons which is located under trending/add-ons then push up or go to the very bottom and click the words “Get More”.  Scroll thru the list and find what you wish to install.  Click okay on the addon and choose install.  Once done installing you will see that addon updated in the top left corner.  Now you can click launch or push back/return and click the addon you just installed.  This will remain in your addons section.

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