How to watch local TV channels

How do I watch local stations in my area?

•  Watching stations like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC etc. they are all on the east coast, so if you live on the east you might be fine in any of the Live TV addons under the Live TV tab.

If you need access to your local stations to watch say live news in your area get one of the following

Amplified HD Antennas

•   If you have a house and can mount this get the following Esky Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Motorized 360 Degree Rotation You can find it on amazon for around $33-40 this has a range of 100 miles

•   If you live in a condo/apt or don't want to mount the above you can get an Amplified HD Digital indoor Antenna and make sure it has a 50 mile range
You can find many of these from different companies at amazon or Costco but make sure its  Amplified with 50 mile range.

Where do you buy an HD antenna from?

• Ask your local StreamSmart reseller if they have a good deal on a HD antenna for you.

•   You can also try the current local news addon: Its in the video addons and called Livestream.  Open the addon, choose search. 

In the search field use one of the following:

1) State or State initials
2) Station call sign such as KTLA, WCIX, etc… 
3) search the channel such as FOX, CBS, etc..

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