Add to Favorites in Kodi & Addons

There are three places on your box where you can access your Personal Kodi Favorites.

#1. Hit the star button labeled Favorites on your remote.
#2. Under the Trending tab.
#3. Scroll down to the star in the bottom left corner of your screen and click on it.

*Now if you still have our old favorites and your section isn't blank you need to check your OTA to see if you have an available update on your home screen. If you do download the update then you will be good.
If you don't have an update available then follow these steps. press home on remote/streamsmart tools/ then clear data. Return to Kodi and run the wizard!

How do I add my favorite TV shows in an addon?

•  Highlight any TV show and click menu on remote. Select add to addon favourites(may have the addon name here). These will be stored inside the addon/TV shows or Movies/favorites assuming the addon has this feature. You can do the same for movies.

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    Sherry Godward

    Does the OTA update wipe out the faves? If so, is there a way to keep from losing them?

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