How to update or Run your Wizard on your StreamSmart Devices

How to run your Wizard

•  Inside KODI go into Video tab/Add-ons sub menu /StreamSmart Wizard for new systems or
Trending tab/Video Add-ons sub menu/StreamSmart Wizard if you have ran your wizard before
Note: You will be prompted with 2 questions. 1st one say yes to update your wizard. The 2nd and 3rd have to do with installing adult addons. Say yes or no

* if saying no to the adult addons then you will either need to clear data or manually delete each adult addon.

if you do NOT want adult addons then follow the steps:

Effective 2/22 we no longer offer the clean wizard. There is now only one wizard which will let you control if you want to install adult add-ons are not. If you don't want adult add-ons on your box follow the directions below.

Brand New Box: When promoted to install adult add-ons hit no.

Currently Running The Clean Wizard: When you enter Kodi your wizard will update to the new wizard, once asked to install the adult add-ons hit no.

Currently Running The Default Wizard:This means you already have the adult add-ons on your box so you will need to uninstall them, to do this go to the Maintenance tab. Then go to Add-on Removal and remove the adult add-ons.

Most boxes have these six.

Ultimate Whitecream

Also if you clear data or do a factory reset that will reset your box and all you need to do is hit no when asked to install the adult add-ons.

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