Trouble Shooting Steps For Non Working Boxes

1. Press home on remote(this is either a little green alien or a house depending on your remote) then scroll right and Go to OTA and see if you have an update available. If you do hit yes then follow the directions and you are all set. If no update is available go to step number two.

2. Do a speed test on your streamsmart, not another device. If you get the network communication error your box isn't connected to the internet. Try resetting your router by unplugging the power cord for ten seconds.
How do I run a speedtest?
From the home screen scroll to "StreamSmart Tools" then speedtest.  When you are prompted to begin test, press the cursor button on your remote then use the arrows to select the button. When you are done simply press the cursor button and arrow again to turn the cursor off.  

If you run the speed test and get less then 20mgs click on these links to trouble shoot your router. 

If you run the speed test and the results are over 20mgs and your OTA doesn't have any available updates and your still having problems try step three then four.

3. Clear data in Kodi.

4. Factory reset your box.

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